Telling It How It Could Be


Don’t tell it like it is, tell it how it could be, how GOD wants it to be.

We were told on this morning’s Prayer Line to speak in faith in our lives means speaking life, power, and positivity into any situation, no matter how dire it might be.

I could have and still could easily and understandably spoke negativity in to my situation. Most people would have understood and expected it.  I had my questions, fears, and doubts, but I never lost my faith.

Michael set this all in to motion when he wrote his first “Ground Truth” He spoke of being upfront, honest, and open about his diagnoses and treatment.  He thought it could help someone in a difficult situation.

I kept the same mindset when the doctors told us there was nothing else they could do for him.  My family and I put our faith, hope, and trust in GOD and let HIM take control.  My prayer was that I would accept whatever GOD had planned.

When my life changed drastically and I felt as if I would never breathe again, think again, function again, but I still had FAITH!  Nothing has changed…

Almost 2 years from the date that Michael transition to be with the Lord I still have faith and I still trust GOD!

 “Abraham trusted that GOD could do what only GOD could do, and he became a father.  When everything was hopeless, he believed GOD anyway.  He decided not to live on the basis of what he saw he saw that he couldn’t do, but on what GOD said he would do!”  (Romans 4:17-18)


We live in a world with so much negativity so we, the children of GOD, are the light in the darkness.  We must be the keepers of FAITH, LOVE, POSITIVITY, and HOPE.  We need to be excited about what GOD is going to do in our lives!  Regardless of the world’s colored glasses…

No matter how hard it seems we must see things in our life the way God sees them, and through FAITH believe that GOD will work all things out!

Stand back and just let GOD work!

I love you all!
Have a Blessed DAY!


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