I am a Survivor!

October 10, 2018

I had a talk with a coworker yesterday and he was saying that people are a product of their environment and that we sometimes have to overlook the way that they may act or the things might say. I agreed that people are a product of their environment; however, as an adult you have the opportunity to break that stigma and make positive choices for your life. We cannot help the environment that we grew up in as children, but as we get older and wiser and we learn for ourselves how the world works, and learning the differences between right and wrong, we can learn how to overcome the obstacles of our past.

Growing up I had many challenges in my life. I never knew my father growing up, my mother died when I was four, and the closest male figure I had my grandfather died when I was in middle school. My grandmother raised me. Although this was not bad, but her grief was so great, she used alcohol to cope with her loss. When I saw and hung out with friends and their mothers, I knew I was missing the relationship I never had between a mother and a daughter. Growing up without father created some interesting consequences in my life…

Thank God, the one thing I did have was a strong church family and the best teacher mentor in the world, Ms. Perryman a great BFF and my family. They were my village before I even knew what a village was!

My church family introduced me to the Lord. They loved, nurtured, and cared for me.

Ms. Perryman took me under her wing and helped me to find the strength within me. She introduced me to a love for the fine arts.

I also had a great best friend that made me late for school every morning (smile).
Colette did not know this but she saved me in so many ways just being there, our walks to school, movie nights at The Renaissance Center, lunch at Olga’s Kitchen, hanging out with her family at their home, and our love for Hall and Oats!

My family, The Heaths, I cannot say enough about my cousins were extensions of myself. We grew up as siblings. The many days, nights, holidays, spent at my Aunt Lucy and Uncle Walker’s home was safety for me. The times we spent playing games and sitting on the stairs watching TV in the front room. My Aunt and Uncle’s marriage was what I longed for…

Leeroy, Marc, and Aunt Pat, they are my Louisville Crew! I cannot forget about my little brother, ShaRonda’s twin, and my little cousin and my Aunt. When I met Leeroy at age 19, he accepted me as his sister and loved me unconditionally, even through some crazy stuff never once judging me! Since then he has been my little/big brother and protector. Marc was my buddy! We spent many hours hanging out in his mom’s room watching TV at our grandmother’s house. Our favorite movie was, Weird Science, and we knew all the words to the whole movie! I think we still do! My Aunt Pat was always there for me with the best advice and she always had my back! I have many great memories hanging out in her room talking about life!

Pop Skipp, Came into my life as a father-in-love and accepted me has his daughter. (This is what he told me then and he told me the day Michael passed) This is my Dad!! Your words of wisdom over the years have sustained me and your love for us is felt in ways you can never imagine.

They were all the perfect balance I needed to deal with the dysfunction in my life and kept me from spinning out of control. They gave me a little balance and stability when I needed it the most. I made sure my daughters had a village that they could lean on, so when my grief got so hard for me, and they could not lean on me, they had them. I thank God for my village grown up, because I do not think I would be the woman today without them.

The woman I am today is not the little girl I was at four when my mom died.
The woman I am today is not the same person I was at 5 and 16.
The woman I am today is not the woman I was 20, 30 years ago.
The woman I am today is not the woman that I was 2 years ago.

The woman that I am today has learned a lot about life and death. She is no longer the same abused, knocked down, beat up, discarded, and rejected girl, teen, young adult or woman.
I am no longer running from life… I am embracing the life I have been given.
Good or bad
Ups or downs
Celebrations or grief
Love or Hate

She is a survivor! I know that I am a Survivor! I will always get back up!

I know that I can depend on JESUS for anything and everything in my life. He told me, “I can do all things through HIM, because he gives me strength”
Whenever I call on him, HE is always there. Even when I do not call on him, HE is still there. I know my future is greater than my past and GOD has some amazing things in store for me! I am READY!

Even though, I have learned to overcome the obstacles of my past, I realize that it will not always be easy. I will continue to have trials, tribulations, and storms. However, just like the title of my blog…there is always “Blessings in the Storm!” I will continue to function during the storms and make sure my focus is on the Blessings!

I love you all!
Have an Amazing Day in the Lord!


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